Developing Employability Skills

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Developing Employability Skills

Course projects, dissertations and extended essays can be particularly valuable here.

As well as the skills of independent research, and planning and organising your own work which they bring, sometimes you can choose the topic so that it is relevant to the type of work you wish to enter, giving a strong plus point for your CV.

The sort of people that we’re looking for are the people who will go out and find the opportunities.
The opportunities are out there. You’ve got sports societies, the student union, the university
squadron, voluntary work, paid employment: it’s out there, it’s just whether people can be bothered
to go and do it…I think it’s down to the individual.

Royal Navy

  • Analytical skills: the ability to debate and argue a case interpreting complex material; picking out inconsistencies in reasoning; analysing data from an experiment.
  • Written Communication: expressing yourself clearly, using language with precision; constructing a logical argument; writing reports; proper writing up of experiments and projects.
  • Verbal Communication: entering into discussion and debate in seminars; expressing yourself clearly and confidently; thinking quickly.
  • Investigating: gathering material for essays; comparing sources of information and selecting from them to support your argument; using databases to search for material; researching for a project.
  • Numeracy: interpreting and constructing statistics; analysing data and presenting it in graphical format.
  • Planning and Organising: managing the workload of several courses simultaneously; meeting essay deadlines; designing and carrying out surveys; balancing academic work with extra-curricular activities and/or employment.
  • Teamwork: group projects, seminars.
  • Information Technology: entering data onto a spreadsheet, using the Internet to find information. Designing a web page. Programming.
  • Technical Skills: knowledge of specific techniques. e.g. NMR, chromatography, practical lab. skills developed on placements.

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