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About The Counselors

‘The Counselors’ provides counseling to students. It provides counseling about education, courses, programs and career.

Type of Organization – Education and Career Counselor

Nature of Services – Auxiliary Educational Services, Counseling for courses of UGC recognized universities.

Type of College – Education Counselor

Auxiliary Educational Services as per Govt. notification :

1. Imparting knowledge, education counselling

2. Skills development

3. Course Content Development & Course Research work

4. Enhancement of Student and Faculty through seminars, events, training & vocational programs

5. Other educational services like

(a)    Admission to Institution or College or University

(b)   Conduct of Examination with permission of College or University or Examination Authority

(c)   Catering and Transportation of students and faculty, as and when required

Mission – To counsel candidates for education, skills and career.

Purpose – To develop good, knowledgeable, responsible citizens contributing economic, business and technical growth to nation.

Objective – To help student in selecting the course which suits to their aptitude, behavior, likes & dislikes, strength & weakness. To help them in selecting a college or university. To help student in understanding and developing technical skills. To help student in career planning.

FOCUS – Developing employ-ability skills and getting internship / training / placement / job in Govt / MNC / Pvt company / Abroad.

Disclaimer – ‘The Counselors’ is Education and Career Counseling Centre providing Auxiliary Educational Services. Organization is counselor for courses of UGC recognized universities. It provides counseling for regular universities programs. Organization does not recommend any Diploma, Bachelor’s or Master’s level program in Engineering and Technology through ODL (open Distance Learning) mode or online mode. Organization recommends only regular programs in Engineering and Technology through UGC recognized universities. Recognition of University is published on respective university web-sites and on UGC website. Student MUST check the recognition of University and satisfy himself before taking admission in that university.