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Fees Payment

Payment Method with Colleges / Universities : Student can deposit Fees any of the following ways. 

1. In Office (a) Cash ( b) Cheque (c) Demand Draft 

Visit office and make payments.

Please collect the fee receipt.

2. In Bank (a) Cash ( b) Cheque (c) Demand Draft 

Download Fees Chalan or get Chalan from office.

Fill-up Chalan.

Visit Bank and pay Fees .

You can call office and discuss the amount of fees-to-be-paid.

Bank will keep its copy and return student copy and college or institution copy.

Please scan and email institution copy for our confirmation.

3. Online Payment

You can pay though NEFT using your computer and bank account.

Please call office get more details.


Registration : Student has to register in every semester.

Register before every 31st July and every 31st January.

Late Fees Amount : Rs. 1500 per semester