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हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

I got less score in 12th. I got less in JEE / CET / Entrance Test.
I am not getting admission in good college. What should I do ? 

Dear Students and Dear Parents, 

Please understand. If student has scored more than average, I consider it good. This applies for results of board exams as well as entrance tests. Please remember few points. I am trying to explain for Engineering admission, but points apply to all faculties and all streams.

  1. All colleges are similar. All colleges have same syllabus and same set of books. Professors are also, more or less, equally qualified and experienced. Exams are of same standard. Labs and Library and class rooms are also similar. They may differ in area, buildings and facilities like canteen, AC, Luxury etc. which is not main objective of studies and which does not matter much for a student life.
  2. Brands of Colleges : There are three types of brands.
    • Quality Brand  Colleges – developed by quality like IIT, BITS, … Lakhs of students, say more than 10 lakh, apply in such colleges. Say 1 Lakh get selected but rest 9 lakh get rejected. These rejected students get demoralized and depressed. I say, there is no need of getting demoralized or depressed, there are hundreds of other good alternate regular colleges.
    • Advertisement Brand Colleges developed by advertisement and appearance  like size, looks, interior, exterior, … Nowadays, many advt. brand colleges have groomed up. They have their call centers, which are doing promotions and admissions, almost like sales in insurance or other sectors. Fees of such colleges is usually at higher-end. We should identify such pseudo brands and avoid them.
    • Regular Brand Colleges – Believe me, these colleges are also good.  Fees of these regular colleges may be less compared to  above advt brand colleges. Fees being less is certainly good for students / parents.
  3. Placements:
    (a) Colleges are giving manipulated pictures of placement records. Student should not get into such fake placement traps.
    (b) No University or College can guarantee a placement.
    (c) If candidate is good, he is strong, then he will get good placement on his own credentials.
    (d) No one knows the Placement scenario of future (after 3-4 years). So don’t believe on fake predictions.
    (e) I suggest, candidate should work hard, develop employ-ability factors in him, and he will get placements on his own.
  4. Students should select a college
    (a) Which has B, B+, A, or A+ grade or Average, Above average, Good, or Very Good grade
    (b) Which has course of student’s interest
    (c) Whose fees is within budget of student / parents
    (d) Which is near to home / hostel

I did not get admission in College ABC ? What should I do ? 

Understand – I wanted to go to Delhi. My target was Delhi. I did not get tickets in Rajdhani. It did not demoralize me. I tried Shatabdi. I did not get tickets here too. It also did not demoralize me, because I was knowing very well, that these are just  carriers, to take me to my Target.  Then I tried an Express Train. I got tickets in it. The coach was without AC, but no problem, because I was knowing very well that AC or luxurious facility was not my target, my target was reaching Delhi. Similarly you set your target, like becoming Engineer. IIT or BITS or ABC University or PQR College may be carriers, with or without luxurious facilities. Set your target and get into the train, best or second best or next best, in whichever you get tickets, within your budget. Don’t bother much about luxurious facilities. Be ready for hardships, if any. I always say that student must go through hardships of life, so that he learns the life too. Such students are always more successful.

What about Placement ? 

Let me repeat. No one knows that what will be the placement scenario after 3-4 years. This is also true that one should not  bother things of future which are not known now.

I also say that placement is a thing which can’t be promised to anyone. If anyone is promising then he is promising with too many ifs and buts, like if candidate scores  first class in all exams and if there are no backlogs and if he clears company placement tests and if ….

I always say that if candidate is good, his credentials are good, his employ-ability factors are good then he does not need to worry much, he will get good placements on his own. So during studies, specially in last year of studies, candidate needs to focus on developing employ-ability factors.

Loan ? 

I always discourage people for taking loan. I always say that do things within budget and avoid loan. If very much required then go for 20% loan or maximum 50% loan. e.g. If fees or total expenses are 1 lakh then manage 50,000 from pocket and remaining from loan. Students and parents should opt for colleges or universities with fees within their available budget. Loan may become burden on parents and family. Student is also part of family. Directly or Indirectly he will understand the finance tension of family and he will get into tension. This will affect his health and studies. Believe me, I have seen students, who have suffered physically and mentally, because of their family tensions.  So I always advice for things which are within budget. Remember my TRAIN example. Take tickets of the train which your pocket allows. Remember, train is not important, it is just a carrier, target is important, focus on target.

Anyway, if it is very much required, then go for Education Loan, from a Nationalized bank only.

Should candidate prepare one more year and write IIT JEE or NEET or CET or other tests again and then go for engineering or graduation ?

Usually I don’t advice for this. In 95% cases, students who have reappeared after 6 months or one year, have scored less than previous scores. Reasons are obvious (a) Repeating same studies is boring (b) ‘There is enough time, I will do it later’ syndrome (c) In this period, many candidates generate interests in other faculties or steams (d) In this period, Objectives or Target or Goal of candidate may change (e) Physical or Mental or Psychological or Social Distractions may affect candidate adversely.

Many times, it is noticed  that such repeating candidate finds that his fellow school friends have moved ahead, while he is just repeating. This demoralizes him. He may develop negative thoughts. He may develop depression too. So I never advice repeating another year.

Let things move. Let things progress. Progress is Life.


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