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B.Tech in Civil Syllabus

Civil Engineering is the oldest engineering discipline. Civil engineers design, build, and manage the infrastructure which includes buildings, bridges, highways, water supply systems and other public works. These services are the cornerstone of the discipline, although no longer the limiting scope. The civil and environmental engineering programs include structural engineering, structural mechanics, geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, hydrology and water resources engineering, and environmental engineering. In general, syllabus of B.Tech in Civil Engineering includes following courses.
BTech in Civil Engineering
Code Subject   Code Subject  
BF1 Mathematics – I BF7 Mathematics – II
BF2 Chemistry BF8 Applied Physics
BF3 English for Communication BF9 Fundamental of Computer
BF4 Electrical Technology BF10 Basic Electronics
BF5 Mechanics BF11 Engineering Drawing and Graphics
BF6 Introduction to Manufacturing Process BF8P Applied Physics Practical
BF2P Chemistry Practical BF10P Basic Electronic Practical
BF4P Electrical Technology Practical
BSC1 Mathematics III BSC6 Society, Environment, Engineering
BSC2 Water and Waste Water Engineering BSC7 Building Construction
BSC3 Hydraulics BSC8 Structural Analysis
BSC4 Transportation Engg BSC9 Advanced Surveying
BSC5 Surveying-I BSC10 Solid Mechanics
BSC3P Hydraulics Practical BSC8P Structural Analysis Practical
BSC5P Surveying Practical BSC9P Advanced Surveying – Practical
BTC1 Design of RC Structures BTC6 Design of Steel Structures
BTC2 Foundation Engineering. BTC7 Advanced Structural Analysis
BTC3 River Engineering BTC8 Environmental Engineering
BTC4 Hydropower Engineering BTC9 Advanced Foundation Engineering
BTC5 Operation Research BTC10 Industrial Economics & Management
BTC1P Design of RC Structure Practical BTC7P Advanced Structural Analysis
BTC2P Foundation Engg. Practical BTC9P Advanced Foundation Engineering
BEC1 Irrigation Engineering BEC6 Structural Dynamics
BEC2 Prestressed Concrete & Adv. Design Of Structure BEC7 Construction and Planning Management.
BEC3 Quantity Surveying & Contract. & Tenders BEC8 Planning & Design  of Airport
BEC4 Finite Elements Method of  civil Engineering BEC9 Project
BEC5 Elective BEC6P Structural Dynamics Practical
BEC2P Prestressed Concrete & Adv. Design Of Structure Practical
BEC3P Quantity Surveying & Contract. & Tenders Practical

  • The semesters, courses, course codes and electives may slightly differ, university to university.