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Diploma Engineering

Diploma Engineering

Why should one do Diploma Engineering ?

My grandpa used to tell me that there is no need to travel to Kolkata if your target is Delhi. So plan your target and then plan your journey accordingly. Best reasons to do Diploma in Engineering –

  • You have decided to get into Engineering and you are firm with your decision then you can start Engineering studies just after SSC or 10th. This way you move towards your target faster and get an advantage over others.
  • Entry into Diploma or Polytechnic is easier compared to entry into Engineering degree after HSC.
  • It is economical route towards Engineering.
  • After completing your Diploma –
    • you will get admission directly in second year of Engineering Degree course generally called B.E. or B.Tech. in India
    • this entry is easy and you get placed directly in second year and you are technically stronger compared to other students in your batch who have come through 10+2+first year of Engineering.
    • you can start your job as Junior Engineer (J.E) or Trainee Engineer
    • you can start your technical projects or company or technical business or self employment
    • you can become Govt Licensed Contractor

Diploma Engineering Specialization :

When I ask students that which specialization they prefer, most of them answer Computer or IT or Electronics. This is obvious reply because they are familiar with these things in their daily life. Most of them are not aware of others specializations. Be aware of all different specializations and choose the one which fits into your interest, likes-dislikes, feasibility, comfort zone and future dream.

Major specializations are –

  • Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), Other computer related fields like Animation, Web Design …
  • Electronics, Telecom, Electrical and related fields like Power Engineering, Solar Energy …
  • Mechanical, Automobile, Industry Automation, Instrumentation, Marine Engineering …
  • Civil Engineering, Construction, Drafting, Interior Designing, Exterior Designing, Architecture, Geology …
  • Chemical Engineering, Leather, Plastic, Paint, Textile, Mining …

Which one is good ?

Let me repeat. All are good. You decide that you are good in which field. This you decide by analysing following –

  • What are your interests ? e.g. Razia said that she was interested in Electronics and so she will go for Electronics Engineering.
  • What do you like ? e.g. do you like TV or Car ?
  • What you don’t like ? e.g. Ashok said that he does not like smell of petrol or Chemicals so he deselected Chemical Engineering.
  • What is your wish ? e.g. Raj said that he wishes to become a builder and so he selected Civil Engineering.
  • What is your dream ? e.g. Ajay told me that his dream was to own a Car Company or Car showroom. I suggested him that he should do Mechanical or Automobile Engineering.
  • Check your feasibility ? Specially financial feasibility. Do things which are feasible. Plan feasible target. Once you reach target, plan next feasible target and move ahead.



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