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Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Subject  Code Subject Credits Subject  Code Subject Credits
Sem- I   20 Sem- II   26
DME-0101 Communication Skills 4 DME-0201 Applied Mechanics 6
DME-0102 Physics 6 DME-0202 Environmental Engineering Safety 4
DME-0103 Chemistry 6 DME-0203 Introduction to Computers 6
DME-0104 Mathematics 4 DME-0204 Engineering Drawing 6
DME-0105 Professional Activities (Fabrication) DME-0205 Workshop Practice 4
DME-0206 Professional Activities (Automobile)
Sem- III   28 Sem- IV   28
DME-0301 Material Technology 4 DME-0401 Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machine 6
DME-0302 Manufacturing Process 6 DME-0402 Thermal Engineering 6
DME-0303 Basic Electrical & Electronics 6 DME-0403 Theory of Machine 6
DME-0304 Mechanical Drafting & Auto CAD 6 DME-0404 Industrial Management 4
DME-0305 Strength of Material 6 DME-0405 Elective – I 4
DME-0406 Professional Activity/ Seminar 2
Sem- V   28 Sem- VI   30
DME-0501 Process Planning Estimating and Costing 4 DME-0601 Design of Machine Elements 6
DME-0502 Machine Tool Technology 6 DME-0602 Automobile Engineering 6
DME-0503 Engineering Measurement and Maintenance Practices 6 DME-0603 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 6
DME-0504 Modern Practices in Manufacturing and Management 6 DME-0604 Project 12
DME-0505 Industrial Engineering 4
DME-0506 Field visit/Seminar 2



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