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Engineering Admission without donation


Admission on Merit : This is most accepted and respected form of admission. Everyone likes it. Everyone respects it.

Admission by Management : Govt. allots some seats to college management for offering admissions based on college policy. Colleges can offer these seats to weaker section or children of college staff or children of respected society or very deserving and needy students.

Now a days, there are more college seats than students. In many colleges seats go empty. Most of students rush to colleges in City or colleges with big banners or advertisements. This creates rush at such colleges and so colleges demand donation or capitation fees unofficially. Students don’t need to pay such unofficial fees. They can opt for colleges out of city, colleges countryside or colleges a bit far-off. Mostly these colleges provide hostel facility and mess or food facility. All colleges under same university have same syllabus. Lecturers or Professors are almost equally educated and experienced. Library and Lab facilities are also similar. So students can always look out for other colleges and avoid hefty donations.

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