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Engineering – M.E, M.Tech

The M.Tech Engg programs in India are usually structured as an Engineering Research degree, a level higher to B.Tech,  M.Tech Engg programs in aim to produce Research Engineers who can also get the position of “Technologist” in the Industries and Research Institutes.

Why M.Tech ?

  1. In M.Tech you can select a specialization of your choice.
  2. You get time to think where things are going and how you can control them. Where do you want to go and what is your ultimate destination.
  3. You add a value to education and will definitely have benefit in the long run. As we are moving ahead in life our educational qualifications are becoming more and more important. At some point where all other competitors have same technical skills you will be given preference over others because of qualification.
  4. You will get more insight into the subjects as this time you are mature enough to understand the subjects.
  5. You will have good friends who are similar to you and trying hard to move ahead in life. If your institute is good you will see all of them in high positions in future, their contacts may be good enough for you to start new projects and help many.

There are lots of other advantages of doing a higher degree. You plan your M.Tech for your better career.


  • M.Tech 
  • Electrical, Electronics, Communication, Civil, Computers, IT, Agriculture (Embedded System & VLSI, Digital Comm, Power System, Control System, Power Electronics, Electrical Power Systems, Production and Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, IT, Thermal, Advance Production System, Highway, Structure, Construction Technology & Mgt, Environmental Engg, Aero Space, Soil & Water Conservation Engineering, Farm Machinery & Power Engineering)
  • As per Govt norms M.E. and M.Tech. are considered equivalent.
  • 2 Years, (4 Semesters) Medium – English
  • B.E. or B.Tech in respective area
  • This program is adviced to candidates working in Industries, Businessman or Self Employed

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