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I don’t have 50% in PCM. How can I become Engineer ?

You CAN.

  • Let us accept that according to marks percentage, it is case of  an average student.
  • And as a counsellor I understand that you wish to become Engineer.
  • There is nothing wrong in it. Everyone has his / her dream. Marks or Grades can be low or high but still one can pursue and achieve the dream. It is very much possible.
  • It is EASY.

EASY Method

  • After HSC, you can join Diploma in Engineering, directly in IInd Year. You won’t need to do first year of Diploma. First Year will be exempted.
  • It will take two years (IInd year and IIIrd year) to complete the Diploma course.
  • After Diploma in Engineering you will have three options
    (1) Do Job
    (2) Go for Higher Studies i.e. B. E or B. Tech in Engineering
    (3) Job + B. E or B. Tech through Part time college
  • If you decide to join B. E. or B .Tech after Diploma in Engineering, you will directly get admission in IInd year. This admission is easy, without much of competition. You won’t need to do first year of Degree. First Year will be exempted.
  • It is usually considered that First Year of Diploma or First year of Degree is most difficult. Maximum students get ATKT or backlog or Fail in one or more subjects of first year. Mathematics, Mechanics and Drawing are usually considered tough subjects. Theses papers get exempted for Diploma pass outs joining B. E or B. Tech directly in IInd year. Joining directly in IInd Year is called Lateral Entry Admission. It is Legal and Valid method of doing Engineering and it is approved by University and Government.
  • Completing B. E or B. Tech will take three years (IInd, IIIrd and IVth Year).
  • So this way you will complete your Engineering in 2 years (Diploma) + 3 years (B. E or B. Tech Degree) = 5 Years
  • Directly B. E or B. Tech Degree after XII would have taken 4 years. Diploma + B. E or B. Tech degree will take 5 years. This method will take one year extra. But it is easy method. This method is most advisable to students who have not secured very high marks or grades in XII PCM but wish to do Engineering. This is Easy method.

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