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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Nowadays, almost everyone studies Mathematics and Science in 10th grade or 10+2. Mathematics and Science can be applied to manufacture and maintain machines and related goods. This application of Mathematics and Science is called –

Mechanical Engineering 

Examples : Machines, motors, cars, bikes, bicycle, foundry, workshop, engines, ships, planes, sewing machine at home, tractor, robots, …. almost all types of industry machines and manufacturing

Scope: It has infinite scope.

  • Industry – Manufacturing, Design, Maintenance, Plants
  • Workshops, Equipments, Instrumentation
  • Aeronautics, Aeroplanes, Aerospace, Robotics
  • Ships, Marine Engineering
  • Automobile, Car and Bike Industry, Garage
  • Manufacturing and Maintenance of Medical Devices & Equipments
  • Construction, Civil Engineering
  • Power Plants, Alternate Energy Sector
  • Household Machines and Products
  • Education & Training
  • Others

Who should do Mechanical Engineering ?

  • Anyone who is interested in machines, manufacturing and maintenance
  • Anyone who is interested in one or more fields discussed above in scope

Is it challenging ?

Yes, Engineering is always challenging and creative. It is logical. It is application of Mathematics and Science. If you are good in Physics and Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering is for you.

Is there Career ?

Yes, You can see Mechanical Engineering on Earth, in the Sea and also in Sky. Its scope is infinite. You can rule over earth (Industry), you can be king of sea (Marine) and you can fly in the sky (Aeronautics).

Is there Money ?

Yes, any Mechanical Engineer earns enough to live happily. If you wish more than that then you will need to put some extra efforts and you will get it.

Can you help us ?

Yes, we can help you. We can help you in university selection, college selection, specialization selection. We can guide you for admission. You can contact us.