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Types of jobs for Instrumentation Engineer


If you are an instrumentation engineer, you must be aware of the versatility of the branch.
Your scope is huge. You may work in core hardware company, embedded field, electronics field, process industries or teaching field.

If you are starting as a fresher, you are likely to begin in a firm as a trainee, system engineer, design engineer etc.

If you go for small scale industries as a fresher there is a huge growth in your skills. Being a small firm, there are lot of minute details you will be responsible for. You can sharpen your skills there, afford to make small mistakes, learn from the immediate bosses or colleagues, your growth is faster in a small scale firm. Another advantage, a close study of how a firm runs, what are the challenges, build new contacts. Learn more, expect less. Once you are thorough with the skills you wished to improve , then you can search for a job in big companies.

So its completely your choice, what you want.

by Neha Girme-Supekar in Quora


Design Profile : Honestly, you do not learn much. There is a set standard, a set procedure and mostly projects are a replica of some other project with changes required in the finer details. Joining as a fresher you would not be working on actual equipment and mostly will be software and theory driven. You work on formulas and excel sheets. This will be a desk job mostly so you would not be moving around and stay comfortably in a big city with all the amenities in place. Expect light travel to client sites and vendor inspections but not more. You are expected to be very professional and meet deadlines with highest level of work efficiency.

Maintenance Profile : You will learn more than any other profile. Working in a plant and actually going to the field to see the equipments work is a completely different experience. The working conditions will be tough and you will probably have to live in a remote area in a township. Nature will be your best friend and you will love reaching home from work in less than 5 minutes. Work would be light if plant is running smoothly but in case plant has a breakdown, all hell breaks loose and you may have to pull in all night in the plant. High plant output and meeting production levels is all you would be concerned about.

by Anjan Merkap in Quora