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Which engineering college is better for me, A or B ?

Engineering Colleges

Basic facts :

  • All universities in India, have approximately similar education system, similar degree courses, because all need to follow guidelines of central govt. department that is MHRD or UGC.
  • All colleges under same university have
    • same courses and subjects
    • same syllabus
    • similar minimum required laboratories (as per University and AICTE norms)
    • similar minimum required library (as per University and AICTE norms)
    • similar professors
    • same examination
    • same degree certificate

Difference :

  • colleges may have difference in
    • building, ground, open space,
    • class room, laboratories, workshops, library
    • playground, gym, hall, student club house, auditorium
    • other facilities
  • colleges may also be different in
    • their internal rules, regulations
    • discipline, softness, strictness
  • FEES

How  to select :

Remember that education is more dependent on above given basic facts. If you get additional facilities like  Infrastructure and facilities, its good. But basic requirement is basic facts discussed above and they are almost same.

So, I advice that, student should do selection on the basis of following factors.

  • Select the specialization of your choice. This should be first priority. e.g. if you wish to civil engineering then select the college which provides civil engineering. Don’t compromise here. Mahesh wanted to become civil engineer. He did not get that in the college near his home. He was getting it in a college which was out of town. But he did not wish to go out of town. He compromised and joined Electronics, which he got in the college near his home. Later, when he was in second year, he found that he was not interested in Electronics. And so, because of no-interest, he was not doing well in studies. Finally he left engineering. My advice, is focus on specialization of your interest. This is very important.
  • FEES is very important issue for all families. My expense formula says that actual expenses are twice of FEES. e.g.  If fees is 75,000 per year then actual expenses may be 75,000 x 2 = 1,50,000 per year. Those who will be in hostels can further add approximately 2 x 50000 = 1,00,000. So it will be 2,50,000  per year. Most of ex-students and their parents will agree with my formula.
  • Don’t rush for bank loan. Most of colleges and banks will provide bank loan offers. But I don’t advice it, unless very much required. I don’t advice it because repayment is always a big problem. Problem becomes major if there is delay in placement of candidate after passing the the program.
  • A college with good brand name always helps. But candidate should also understand that all candidates will not get admission in one college. So be ready to opt for other colleges in your preferred list.

Which engineering college is better for me, A or B ? 

The college which provides

  • specialization of your choice
  • with above discussed basic facts
  • in feasible fees
  • and expenses
  • in your budget

is better for you.

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