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6 Exciting Career Options besides Medicine and Engineering

There are many emerging career options which are attracting a large number of students.

  1. Career in Law: Legal profession is one of the most demanding and lucrative career options. It is an adventurous as well as exciting career option. A career in law is considered as highly respectable profession in our society. A student can either pursue a five-year course after completion of their secondary examination leading to BA LLB (Hons.) degree or can pursue a three-year law course (LLB) after graduation in any discipline.
  2. Career in Animation: Career in Animation is the most rewarding career in present day. It is one of the youngest and fastest changing career options. Presently, animation has become the most essential part of movies, commercials, and media. We can not imagine a good advertisement without a good animation. It is a good tool used aptly by the entertainment industry and also by education domain. Well trained and qualified professionals are high in demand not in Indian only but abroad also. A student can either pursue a bachelor’s degree in animation or he/she can also pursue diploma or certification course.
  3. Career in Fashion Designing: Career in fashion has emerged as one of the most sought after career path. This career path gives students opportunity to earn name and fame. Here aspirants get opportunity to become a part of glamourous world. To get successful in this profession, one needs to be highly creative and possess a good sense of style. Aspirants of this field can work in different areas and industry. They can also open their garment stores and designer cloth chains. Student can pursue their bachelor’s degree from designing college and they can also take admission in diploma courses.
  4. Career in Hospitality: Hospitality industry is one of the most flourishing industries in present world. This is one industry which has great potential and opportunities for growth. The candidates who want to make career in this industry have to go through a rigorous training to sustain in this industry and to achieve success. Professionals in this industry have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world, whole world is their work place. They can work with hotels, food chains, and travel industry and in many more fields. A student can pursue a bachelor’s degree from a university or institute or they can also apply for
  5. Career in Event Management: Event management is one of the fastest growing career options in present world. It is alluring a large number of students due to many reasons. It involves lots of hard work and study about the brands, products, target audiences and much more. In event management the professionals are suppose to organize an event in a focused and systematic manner for a particular target audience. Students can pursue a bachelor’s programme from a communication institute or they can also take admission in diploma courses.
  6. Career in Media & Journalism: Career in media industry is considered as most challenging. The field is very versatile and full of challenges. Media industry is one of the most influential industries and directly connected with the masses at large. The professionals in this field are directly connected with masses and play a very significant role in creating opinions and bringing changes in the society. Today, a large number of students want to join this industry because it gives them name, fame and money. To become successful in this industry one has to be extrovert and should have a pleasing personality. Professionals of this industry can work with media houses, print media, radio channels, electronic media, and production houses. Students can apply to bachelor’s degree in university or media institutes. They can also pursue diploma and certificate courses.


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