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FAQ – Graduation

FAQ – Graduation
What is Graduation in India?
Bachelor Degree in any field is called as Graduation in India.
Is Bachelor Degree required?
YES. Nowadays it is required for almost all good jobs. It has become basic requirement for jobs of  position like clerk, accountant, officer, executive, manager etc.
It is said that candidates who are just 12th pass or Diploma pass but not graduate or Bachelor degree pass, face problem in getting good jobs. Is it true?
YES. As of now, it is TRUE.
Which Bachelor degree or course is good?
It depends on your personal interest and job work. If personal interest is history then selecting Engineering course will not be advisable. It won’t be helpful. Similarly if personal interest is engineering and technology then doing Commerce will not be advisable. If person is doing job of Safety and Security then doing course in commerce or medicine is not advisable. So select course according to (1) your personal interest (2) your work interest.
What is Bachelor in Arts?
Subjects like History, Geography, Music, Painting, Sociology, Philosophy etc. are referred as Arts subjects.
What is scope of Bachelor of Arts (B.A)?
It is believed or argued that B.A. has very less scope. But truth is different. B.A. has maximum scope. B.A. graduate can apply in Govt. jobs and Pvt. Jobs. HE can apply for clerk and officers post at different levels in different departments like Administration, Sales and Marketing, Logistics, Agriculture, Media, Advertising, Industry, Education Training, Teacher or Lecturer, Safety and Security, Liaisoning, Music and Arts, Entertainment, Event handling, BPO, …, …., ….Don’t wonder if I say that Engineering or Medical does not have so much wider
job or work scope.
What is scope of Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)?
Commerce, Business, Accounts, Taxation, Trade, Export Import and all other activities related to accounts in Industry and Society.
What is duration?
Duration of any Graduation degree like B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, BCA, BBA, BMS … in India is 3 years.
Can there be any short cut? Can there be graduation in one year or two years?
NO. Anywhere and everywhere duration will be 3 years.
Few people offer graduation degree back dated or in less time say 6 months or 1 year. Is that OK?
NO. It is not OK. Such degree is FAKE or FRAUD. It is CRIME. We will NOT advise you to go for any shot cut or back dated course.
Is UGC necessary?
YES. Any graduation degree MUST be from UGC recognized university or college.
Fees of different universities or colleges may be different. It may vary. It ranges from Rs. 15,000 per year to 30,000 per year.
What all can be done after Graduation?
  • Employment – Govt. Job, Pvt. Job, Job Abroad, Industry 
  • Self Employment, Entrepreneurship, Free Lance, Projects 
  • Business, Agriculture, … 
What is scope of Higher Education?
Bachelor degree pass candidate can do Master degree post graduation course in respective field.
If Fees is HIGH then does it mean that quality is HIGH?
  • Not necessarily true. There may be college or university with high fees but low quality.Govt.Colleges and Universities are funded by Govt. and so fees is less. They are Govt. funded and they   maintain required infrastructure. Infrastructure is also funded by Govt. 
  • Pvt. Colleges or Universities may not funded by Govt. They may have to arrange or generate their own funds. And so the fee is usually high with them. Here quality is not directly related to fees, as claimed by many. 
  • Quality of Education will depend on class room lectures, laboratories, practical sessions, syllabus, professors, company visits, off campus education tours, skill development sessions, college functions and programs, extracurricular activities etc. 
If Fees is LOW then does it mean that quality is LOW?
Not necessarily true. There may be college or university with less fees but high quality.

Other points same as above.

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