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Reduce Electricity Bills – SOLAR



Making SOLAR POWER work for you as simple as saying YES if 

  • You want to reduce your electricity bill or power bill
  • You would like to add value to your home or your place
  • Using clean and renewable energy source is important to you
  • You are concerned about the environment and climate change


  • Solar is Life
  • Clean Energy : Nature Friendly , Eco Friendly, Carbon Free, Pollution Free
  • It can be used everywhere :  Residence, Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture
  • Applications also include : Cars, Cooking, Water Heaters,  Electricity
  • Energy in Need :  Store in Battery, Use it on Need, Use it in Power Cuts, Best when No Power
  • Save Money :  YES – Solar is LESS costly, Pay for 15 years, Next 10 years FREE, Long life Projects
  • Earn Money :  YES – You can also earn money though Solar. Contact us. We will discuss.


SSOLAR Pvt Ltd. is Solar Energy Company specializing in Solar Projects & Solar Consultancy Services. Our services include Solar Technology, Trading, Training, O & M.


We specialize in SOLAR services to Educational Organizations, Residences, Societies, Commercial, Business Organizations, Industries, Government Organizations, Health Sector, Hospitals, Property and Real Estate sector, Municipality, Hospitality Industry, Agriculture Sector, Towns and Villages, Petrol Pumps, Travel and Tourism Sector. We provide roof-top solar systems, solar systems on free land, solar system on buildings. We provide only Tier-I company material. All our products are A-grade products. We provide customized services.


SSOLAR, 153, Second Floor, Raghuleela Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai – 09987251475, 07045739254