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IQ – Success

IQ – Intelligence quotient

What is Intelligence?

“The whole of cognitive or intellectual abilities required to obtain knowledge, and to use that knowledge in a good way to solve problems that have a well described goal and structure.”

What is IQ?

IQ is an acronym for Intelligence Quotient. The IQ is a measurement of your intelligence and is expressed in a number. IQ tests address one’s overall verbal and nonverbal abilities. The four areas identified are

  • verbal comprehension – Reading, writing and communication skills
  • perceptual reasoning- Perceptual reasoning assesses the ability to mentally manipulate objects and solve spatial problems.
  • working memory – It requires both the ability to remember and process the given information.
  • processing speed – It assesses the speed at which an individual processes information and the ability to react to the information.

Most of multiple choice questions in various tests like test for higher education, say MBA, or test for job are IQ based tests.

Usually Engineers, Doctors, Science students, Accountants etc. score better in IQ tests. Vice versa is also true.

In India, most of Govt. exams like UPSC, MPSC, IAS, IPS, Railways, Banking … etc. are IQ based tests.

IQ can be improved.

Better IQ leads to better success.