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25 Jobs you can do with a B. Com. Degree

25 Jobs you can do with a B. Com. Degree

Most of people believe that there are no jobs or very few jobs after B.Com Degree. My opinion is just opposite. I say that there are maximum opportunities after B.Com degree. It has maximum job scope.

Example – Every office, every company requires at least one accounts staff. Every office does not require Engineer, but every office requires accounts staff. In a city if there are 100 offices, 10 may requires engineers but at least 80 will require accounts people. This increases job scope for B.Com candidates. Commerce candidate can select one or more of following jobs.

  1. Accounts Clerk, Accounts Staff (in almost every business or office or organization or industry)
  2. Goverment Jobs
  3. Inventory, Stock Room Staff
  4. Insurance
  5. Investment
  6. Shares and Stock Market
  7. Financial Consultancy
  8. Working in CA Office
  9. Taxation Constancy
  10. Banking
  11. Economist
  12. Professor / Teacher
  13. Business, Traders, Shops
  14. Journalist
  15. Author
  16. Sales, Customer Handling
  17. Marketing, Advertisement, Promotion
  18. Estate or Property Market
  19. Safety and Security
  20. Trust, NGO
  21. BPO, Call Centre
  22. Agriculture, Farming Business
  23. Events, Hotel Industry, Hospitality
  24. Trainer, Motivational Speaker
  25. Travel and Tourism

…. and many more…


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