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Why B.A. ?

Minimum Bachelor degree is required for almost all good jobs in Private and Govt. sector. B.A. is bachelor degree in subject of your choice like History, Geography, Hindi, English, Language, Sociology, Religion, Administration, Public Relation, Psychology, Counselling, Hospitality, Tourism, Music, Dance, Commercial Arts, …, …

B.A. is valid for jobs in Education, Teaching, Offices, Industry, Business, Marketing, Promotion, Safety, Security, Defence, Exhibitions, Tourism, Hospitality, Events, Banks, Advertising …, …

B.A. is valid for Govt jobs, state govt. PSC like MPSC, central govt. UPSC , Railways, Electricity Boards, Municipality Offices, Administrative Offices.

For Govt. Examinations candidates prefer subjects of B.A.

Higher Education after B.A ?

Candidate can prefer Master is same area like M.A. in History. Candidate  can also go for MBA degree.

BA + MBA in HR or BA + MBA in Marketing proves to be a very good combination in management studies.

There are infinite jobs for B.A. graduates.

Example: There were two hospitals in a town. And there were three small industries. They provided jobs for 10 doctors and 30 engineers or technicians. There were 500 offices, some small, some mid-size, some big. They provided jobs to 500 accountants and 2000 other persons.  These 2000 positions are for B.A. people. Similar examples are there in all towns of country. And job scope of B.A. graduates becomes very high.