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I want my sister to become Teacher


You or your brother or your SISTER can become a Teacher.

It is very simple.

You can always become teacher. If you have teaching will, teaching skills and knowledge, you can become successful teacher.

Teaching Will :

You should wish to teach. You should have a will to teach. You should be very much interested to teach. You should enjoy teaching. And if all of these is true then you are successful.

Teaching Skills :

  • You should have good communication. Let me say that you should have very good communication. This is most important skill for teachers. Your should be good in Oral Communication as well as Written Communication. Communication should include gestures, movements, emotions, good soft words, storey telling and love.
  • In modern days, you should be equipped with technology like computers and presentation tools.
  • You should be committed to work, good planner and good organizer.
  • You should be good in examples. Examples will make things simpler to understand. Live examples are always liked by students. The technique, ‘Explain by story telling’, always works better.
  • Be innovative, tech-enthusiast and social. Social in community as well as social in social media.
  • Be open to Questions. Always welcome questions. If you don’t know the answer, no problem, be frank, tell students ‘Sorry dear, your question is very good, give me time, let me find equally good answer, and I will be back to you.’ Work out and present the answer in next meet. And believe me, this technique works, students will respect you as well as love you.

Basic Education Required to become Teacher :

  • Nursery Teacher Teacher Education : Min. HSC pass, preferably with Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) two years course certificate. It is also referred as Pre-Primary Teacher Training. NTT has become essential pre-requisite for teachers or nursery or pre primary classes.
  • Primary Teacher Education : Min. HSC pass, preferably with Primary Teacher Training (PTT) two years course certificate.
  • Secondary Teacher Education : For Secondary and Higher Secondary education Teacher should be minimum Graduate pass in respective specialization with additional B.Ed degree approved by UGC and NCTE. Now 2015 onwards, B.Ed will be 2 years course as per NCTE directives.
  • College Lecturer : For Bachelor level or further higher education Teacher should be Post Graduate in respective specialization preferably with M.Ed degree. Now 2015 onward, M.Ed will be 2 years program as per NCTE directives.
  • NET SET Exams : NET stands for National Eligibility test. SET stands for State eligibility test. The examination is only for those who are interested to become a Lecturer in a college or wish to do Ph.d. courses in future. Get more details at UGC Net online site.
  • Lecturer in Engineering or Medical or Management or other professional field : Candidate should be minimum graduate, preferably post graduate in respective specialization. B.Ed, M.Ed, NET, SET is not required for technical or professional lecturers.
  • Senior Positions like Professor, HoD, Principal, Dean etc. : Preferably Ph.D. is required along with enough academic experience. Ph.D. is highest degree awarded in Education field. All schools and colleges prefer Ph.D honoured candidates. PhD is preferred for senior positions, lecturers, professors, head master, principals, deans and others.

How can we help you ?

College counselors will guide you for admissions to NTT, PTT, B.Ed, M.Ed and Ph.D programs. With our counseling, you can be confident that the program will be 100% valid, approved and Govt. recognized for teaching in pvt. and Govt schools or colleges.

Exams will be conducted by Govt. Diploma in NTT and PTT will be awarded by Govt. board. Degree in B.Ed, M.Ed, Ph.D will be awarded by MHRD recognized, UGC and NCTE recognized Universities.

We are very honest to say that there are no short-cuts. Only hard work and discipline will help you.