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KPO, BPO, LPO, RPO, HRO, MBPO, Procurement BPO

In the present scenario where activities of various nature are being outsourced to India from various parts of the world, different activities are being assigned a common word i.e. Knowledge Process outsourcing (KPO). But the word has definite connotation and can not be used for all kinds of the activities. We are trying to define different forms of outsourcing activities and to show how these are different as well parts of KPO but are definitely not BPO activities.


Difference between KPO and BPO, LPO, RPO, HR and MBPO. To understand this let us try to understand what we mean by BPO, LPO, RPO, HR and MBPO.


What does BPO stand for? What does it mean?

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. Major corporations in the US and Europe are outsourcing their back office operations to India to save costs. e.g. employee payroll, data entry, voice calling for back end activities etc. Although these jobs usually are not directly IT-related, their data-based orientation often means that they require IT departmental support to be successfully outsourced.


What is LPO?

There is a new addition to the BPO family — legal process outsourcing or LPO. When it began, LPO consisted mostly of low-end transcription work, but no longer. LPO now includes a huge range of legal processes, such as patent application drafting, legal research, pre-litigation documentation, advising clients, writing software licensing agreements and drafting distribution agreements. The offshoring of U.S. legal jobs is already ramping up, as some experts predict that 79,000 lawyers’ jobs are poised to move from the U.S. to countries like India by 2015.


What is RPO?

RPO stands for Research Process Outsourcing. This is popular in the biotech industry. Clients outsource their R&D work. This was termed reportedly by India’s biotech queen Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.


RPO also stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. RPO is a key component of Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO). The RPO team basically handles all the recruitment.


What is HRO?

HRO stands for Human Resource Outsourcing. HR is getting outsourced to third party providers who can bring in the benefits of knowing the domain.


HR as an activity, it comprises of a group of activities, which include payroll management, training, staffing, benefits administration, travel and expenses management, retirement and benefits planning, risk management, compensation consulting, etc. These activities are outsourced by which the client can concentrate on their core competency.


In the US context, HR outsourcing is a huge area. For instance, nearly about 29-30 per cent of the outsourcing space is HR.


What is MBPO?

MBPO stands for Medical Business Process Outsourcing. Apollo Hospitals is the first major hospital to be getting into this.


What is Procurement BPO?

Procurement BPO is transfer of management and execution of one of more procurement activities, transfer of the entire procurement sub-segments or transfer of the entire procurement business functions to an external provider. It offers increased productivity, cost reduction and business transformation to the client.