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Grow with your College

“Growth of college helps YOU GROW”. 

I never understood this statement in college life. After graduation when I applied for jobs in Industries, the Brand value of college helped me. It gave me an edge over others. Most of the time I got selected just because of College Brand value.

…. Dr. Satish Sinha

How to develop your College Brand value ?

  • Good Performance. Work hard, get good results, develop skills, perform well.
  • Promote yourself. Tell about yourself and your college program. Tell everyone about your course, college and university. Tell your family, relatives and friends. If you are working then tell your office friends, colleagues, department head, HR or admin department, company head. This will help you. People will know about you and will help you in jobs, increment, promotion & growth. If diamond is kept hidden, no one will know about it and diamond will never get its value. So don’t hide your diamond. Don’t feel shy. Tell everyone about it.
  • Promote your college. Tell everyone about your college. Tell your friends. Tell everyone in your building and society. You can write about your college on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media. You can email college brochures and newsletters to your friends. You can use college resources for this activity. Discuss with your mentor or principal. He will guide you.

HELP your college financially.

  • Student shall pay fees with in time as per schedule.
  • Students and Pass-out students or ex-students can donate to college. Your donation will help college to develop its infrastructure. It will help college to promote itself.
  • Invest in your college. It is like keeping your money in your Bank with higher expected returns. College will use your investment in growth of college. It will use it in building the college infrastructure like land, building, labs, library. It will use it in building college Brand value. You can invest in small units of Rs. 10,000 each. A member can invest maximum Rs. 10 lacs. There will be a locking period of 3 years. There are different schemes available. You can discuss them with college Principal.