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MBBS from Philippines

I wish to become Doctor. I wish to do MBBS. 

If you have passed HSC with Physics, Chemistry and Biology and you are comfortable in English Language then you can plan your MD in Philippines.

American Education System

Philippines was colony of Spain for more than 300 years and then became colony of USA for 50 years during the Industrial revolution. During this time, USA designed Philippines education system similar to their system. The medical course in Philippines is called the MD (Doctor of medicine) similar to that of USA.

MBBS In Philippines for Indians

Philippines medical education offers M.D as it primary medical course for practitioners. This MD Program is recognized by Medical Council of India as equivalent to MBBS degree in India. After completing the MBBS degree in Philippines, Indian students need to clear Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) (also called as Medical screening test) in order to start medical practice in India.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Philippines

  • Internationally Recognized Medical Degree. Eligible for USMLE and other leading international medical examinations for clinical practice abroad.
  • Listed in WHO(World Health Organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India)
  • Medium of Instruction – English
  • English is Official Language of Philippines and 95% Filipinos are literate
  • No Donation or Capitation Fees
  • Affordable tution fees by Indian middle class student
  • Low cost of living
  • Similar Tropical climate leading to same kind of living
  • Special Coaching for students to pass MCI screening test

MBBS In Philippines Fees and Cost

Total duration of this MBBS course is 5 and half years for students who have been educated till class 12 with a background in science. Tuition fees is paid annually to the philippines medical university. Total Tutition fees for the course duration would be approximately 15 lakhs. As cost of living is relatively cheap in Philippines, hostel fees, mess fees and other living expenses would come close to 12K per month. Taking this into account, total cost to complete MBBS degree would be close to 25 lakhs. If you compare this cost with the cost to do MBBS degree in private MBBS colleges in India, the cost would be just 1/5 of the cost of India.

MD Degree Recognition

The Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines(CHED), gives approval for both public and private higher education institutions in the country. Prospective students are strongly advised not to get admission in any institution which is not recognized by CHED. For international recognition, students should check whether institution in recognized by World Health Organization (WHO). All medical schools in Philippines, which are recognized by WHO has approval from CHED.

Students from India, who wants to pursue MBBS degree abroad in Philippines should check whether the overseas institution is recognized by Medical Council of India(MCI). After 2002, all MBBS students after being educated in WHO Listed medical colleges abroad are eligible to give screening test.