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Admission in MBBS

Admission in MBBS

MBBS is a 5 and a half years medical program. It is Bachelor degree in medicine. The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program makes you able to practice as Doctor in India and Abroad.

You can do MBBS from any Indian College or University or any Foreign University.

My advice –

  1. If you get admission in any Indian University on merit then prefer Indian University
  2. If you don’t get admission on Merit, and you need to pay donation for getting admission, then I will suggest that you think of Universities Abroad
  3. MBBS in Philippines is in English and economical.
  4. Annual Fees may be 2.5 lacs + staying 2.5 lacs, i.e. 5 lacs per year, i.e total 27.5 lacs, you can add your personal misc. cost 2.5 lacs, summing up to approx. 30 lacs for total five and half years. This fees is much less compared to donation amount asked by many colleges in India. So in 30 lacs you complete your MBBS with GLOBAL exposure and global confidence.
  5. Life and living in Philippines is more like India, and so it suits Indians.


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