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Career for Housewives

Career for Woman

The dream of working after marriage is shattered for many Indian women as the Indian society is yet to accept the change followed widely in the western countries. Being a full time mom or a housewife is no longer fun. A full-time or part-time job may increase the strain on your family or may not allow you to spend quality time with your kids. Here are some of the best career options available for housewives or moms who wish to make extra cash sitting at home and still take care of their infants without any compromise.

Writing Jobs

writing on laptopWriting is kind of work you can do it from anywhere. There is lot of content development work in the online world these days. Content such as web content, magazine articles, promotional content etc is very much in demand these days. But these projects are time based, you need to submit it in the given time frame.

Online Data Entry

With internet being used for hours on regular basis it is better to start earning some money using it. There are lots of companies who are offering offshore data entry work. Just make sure the company is genuine and pays properly. Do check the company reviews before you work for them.


sewingIndian women are known for sewing. All the Bollywood movies showing poor mother earning by sewing cloths and making her child a successful man. Sewing is the skill inherited to Indian women. Many garment companies tie up with women and provide them regular work. It is one of the most lucrative businesses for the housewives.

Beauty Saloon

It’s the fashion-conscious world and hence, the beauty saloons are always in great demand these days. If you are trained in this field, you can start a beauty saloon in your house. You can also employ some workers when your business grows. This is the most endearing and interesting way of earning money at home.

Dubba (Tiffin) Service

Tiffin_ServiceStarting a dubba service is a good way of earning for those who loves cooking. Cooking can be easily done at home while looking after your kids. You can hire workers later on by expanding your business.

Nanny Service

Babysitting business is also quite in need these days. You can offer your nanny services to busy mothers who have less time for their kids due to their jobs.

Making Handicrafts

Handicrafts items are in great demand. It is a good way to make money. Engage yourself in making handicraft items like candles, home décor products, etc. and start selling. You can take help from your children as well in making these items. Start a small scale handicraft production at your home.