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How to get Better Job

It is fast life. Everyone wants to move fast. Everyone wants to grow fast.

Better Job :

Yes, everyone wants better job. Better is relative word. Different people will have different meaning of better. Some may say better means ‘higher position‘, others may say better means ‘more salary‘. Some will say ‘more authority‘, other may say ‘more fame‘. Some will say ‘challenging other may say ‘cool‘.

How to get Better Job : 

Define your meaning of ‘Better Job’. Be precise.

Now plan your target – Position or Authority or Money or  Fame or Challenge or …

Start working for your target. Now think of target destination. It can be big company or job abroad or job in small town or … It can be promotion for higher position or transfer to another place or job jump into a new company.

Also start planning required resources i.e. whether you need more money to work out jobs abroad or better skills for promotion or better degree for job jump or …

A systematic planned approach will help you in achieving your goal.


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