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Job without competition

Career for Woman


  • It is true that there will be competition. Everywhere. Always.
  • Whatever the case be, we can’t assume it to be zero.
  • For Government Jobs, there will be high competition.
  • Yes, we can expect it to be less in Private sector or MNC or Jobs Abroad.

How to minimize it ? 

  • Select your work area which requires specialization. Such area may be where –
    • physical work is required, physical body strength is required
    • more brain is required, like scholastic work, creative work
    • very good communication is required, presentation is required
    • technical knowledge is required, technical skills is required
    • specific field knowledge and skills may is required
    • management is required
    • risk may be there, so risk management skills may be required
  • Once you have selected such area
    • prepare for such jobs
    • develop required knowledge
    • develop required strength
    • develop required expertise
    • develop required skills
  • Companies or offices don’t advertise for all jobs or vacancies
    • so keep your eyes and ear open
    • be in touch with your employed friends who can inform you about vacancies, if any
    • visit company web sites and directly apply to them. Many companies have web pages for jobs and vacancies, for trainees
    • visit placement or job agents, they can be of help


  • your college or university placement cell
  • your employed friends and relatives