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Merit Scholarship:

  • Scholarship Name: Merit Scholarship
  • Cash Reward: 10% of Total Student Fees
  • Certificate: Scholarship Certificate

Objective of Scholarship:

  • To acknowledge, appreciate and promote Merit
  • To promote discipline
  • To help students economically

Who can apply ?

  • Students who take admission in current year can apply for this scholarship.
  • The applicant must be student.
  • He must have paid full fees.
  • He must have attended 75% or more, lectures, practicals, seminars, industry visits and other student activities.
  • He must have scored 75% or more in his previous year University exams. e.g. Second Year student would have scored 75% or more in his First Year exams.

When to Apply ?

  • After Exams and results of previous year.

How to Apply ?

  • Fill Scholarship Application form
  • Attach required documents
  • Submit to Principal

Note: Read He – He/She, His – His/Her

More Details :

  • For more details contact Principal.