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Study Abroad

How to go Abroad 

Complete your current Diploma or Degree

If you are in studying or you are in final year of your studies then complete your studies. If, for some reasons, your have missed your studies or you could not complete your Diploma or Degree then do it now, through part time or distance education . You can contact us. We will help you.


  • Add skills and certifications to your career
  • Work on your communication skills
  • Take up a social activity
  • Get your Profifle Kit ready

Your PROFILE KIT should contain

Profile Cover

  • Your well designed, well drafted, professional bio-data or CV
  • Your Photo
  • SOP – Statement of Purpose (Why do you want THIS job ?)
  • LOR – Letter of Recommendation (one or two well drafted LORs)

Profile Docs

  • Copy of Academic Documents (Marks cards, Certificates, Diploma, Degree, Transcripts)
  • Copy of Experience Certificates (if any)
  • Copy of Verification Reports (Education Verification Reports, Experience Verification Reports, …)
  • Copy of Aadhar Card
  • Copy of Passport and other ID proofs

Be GD & Interview Ready

  • Develop Group Discussion Skills
  • Develop Interview Skills


  • We will help you.
  • We will understand and analyse strength, weakness, interest, dreams, skills.
  • We will help you in guiding and completing your course.
  • We will help you in getting JOB READY.
  • We will help you in writing and preparing your Profile KIT – Profile Cover 
  • We will help you in managing your Profile KIT – Profile Docs 
  • We will help you in getting GD & Interview ready
  • Contact us by email or sms or whatsapp or phone or contact form.


Counselor Arun Mishra