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Fire and Safety Engineering

Fire Professionals are very daring and respected professional. Fire safety requires carefulness and dedication. It teaches how to survive and protect others from destructive consequences of smoke and fire.

Fire Engineering is one of the demanding fields. It is noble field of saving life and property. The job growth in sector is increasing. The growth is rising due to increase in demand of safety.

Fire Engineering provides many career options and opportunities to those who are interested in learning something new. Engineers in this field can get jobs in Government and private sector. They also get employed in industries such as chemical, manufacturing, petroleum, textiles etc. The scope is very vast.

Candidates with B.Tech degree in Fire Engineering are needed in fire service of department of Government and public sector. They are in job demand in business corporations, educational institutions, government organizations globally. They get employment in fire safety department in large companies, fire brigade. In case of fire breakdown fire Engineers are called to find exact cause of fire and determine the extent damage.

Manufacturing organizations like petroleum refineries, petrochemicals, and other chemical plants of higher risk of fire, offer enormous job opportunities to fire engineers.

In Govt sector job, a B.Tech fire engineer can get a monthly starting salary of Rs. 25,000 to 30,000. Salary increases with experience, performance and promotions.

Courses in Fire and Safety

Course Duration Eligibility 
Certificate Course in Fire and Safety  6 months SSC
Diploma in Fire Safety & Hazard Management 1 year HSC
Diploma in Industrial Safety Management 1 year HSC
Diploma in Disaster Management 1 year HSC
B.Sc in Fire Safety and Hazard Management 3 Years HSC (PCM)
B.Tech. in Fire and Safety Engineering  4 Years HSC (PCM)
PG Diploma in Fire Safety and Disaster Management 1 year Graduation
PG Diploma in Industrial Safety Management 1 year Graduation
MBA in Fire and Safety Management 2 years Graduation
MBA in Disaster Management 2 years Graduation

Swami Vivekanand University is UGC recognized university and member of National Safety Council. University offers above courses.


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